… Концепция управления/оперирования/использования малых атомных реакторов. Занятное чтиво. Первое, что вызывает активное неприятие, это собственно сама идея управления модульной АЭС с реакторами малой-средней мощности. По идее (все той же NuScale), предполагается управление одним человеком 4-мя реакторами одновременно?! Всего в помещении управления станцией должны находиться 7 человек, из которых только 3 оператора (по нашему или Инженера-управления, или СИУ или же КГДУ), а так же… 5 человек имеют доступ на управление. Занятно? Не то слово. Экономия на зарплате? Глупость? Непонимание? Непонятно чего больше.

Nothing new under the Sun. I am sure each can have own opinion based previous experience and skills. If I do remember exactly, during scram on SMR operator doing about 250 moves and operating functions in first 2 minutes. We are not talking here about safety systems “architecture” levels. Transients, specially deep power maneuver is also can be reason of scram, because of instability in primary circuit, specially in the low-boiling LWR (void fraction ~10%). NuScale (which own of this conception), just a bad copy of TM-4 reactor (full scale real test facility 180 MWth), which tests being completed over 20 years ago, with deep understanding and tests passive safety systems specially.
Other and complete different story is famous patient # 8,170,173 (basic safety conceptual idea). Tests of this kind of systems being complete also about 25 years ago and this design being declined as unreliable by few reasons. Another problem, core components and design. Problem could be solve in complex only.

Conclusions: Specially for conception of operating, in which 1 operator have control on 4 reactor at least are… a) insecure, b) unreliable, с) not effective for operating, and so on?
Of cause, it is my own and pretty subjective opinion. Good luck to them. We will see. I will be glad, if I am wrong.


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